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Shikoku League
Nangoku Kochi's decline as a force in Shikoku League football was underlined on Sunday as their 2008 season commenced with a disappointing 2-1 defeat at Ehime Shimanami... the title looks set to be contested by reigning champions Tokushima Vortis 2nd - 3-0 winners over promoted Showa Club - and Kamatamare Sanuki, who in an astonishing match attended by 1300 fans came back from 3-2 down to hammer Tokushima Comprille SC 10-3...

Sun 06 Apr: Ehime Shimanami 2-1 Nangoku Kochi
Sun 06 Apr: Sanyo Electric Tokushima 3-1 Ventana AC
Sun 06 Apr: Tokushima Comprille SC 3-10 Kamatamare Sanuki
Sun 06 Apr: Tokushima Vortis 2nd 3-0 Showa Club
Shikoku League
There is little doubt that the sensation of the year across all of the nine Regional Leagues has been the astonishing success of Tokushima Vortis Amateur. The team achieved little during their first season in the Shikoku League in 2006, but have trounced all-comers in 2007 to take the title - and fans will be awaiting with interest to see if this local success can translate into something wider when they participate in the Regional League Championship Winners' Play-off tournament next month, for a spot in the JFL.

Vortis concluded the Shikoku League campaign with crushing defeats of relegation play-off-bound Sanwa Club and Tokushima Comprille SC, running up a total of 31 goals in just 180 minutes of football. Not surprisingly, runners-up Kamatamare Sanuki could hardly compete with that level of performance, but their final game of the year did serve to underline the extent to which there has been a power shift in the non-league game on the island over the last couple of seasons.

For a 5-1 defeat for Nangoku Kochi would have been unthinkable even twelve months ago. Nevertheless, the southerners' period of dominance - which manifested itself via five consecutive title wins up to 2005 - can now be said to be most definitely at an end. It is Vortis who will represent Shikoku at national level this year and while Kochi and, last year, Kamatamare, were unable to cope with the step-up in quality, it could just be that Tokushima will be in with a chance of bringing JFL football back to the region.

Sun 23 Sep: Ehime Shimanami 1-4 Kamatamare Sanuki
Sun 23 Sep: Sanyo Electric Tokushima 1-3 Nangoku Kochi
Sun 23 Sep: Tokushima Comprille SC 2-3 Ventana AC

Sun 30 Sep: Ehime Shimanami 1-3 Tokushima Comprille SC
Sun 30 Sep: Sanwa Club 3-6 Sanyo Electric Tokushima

Sun 07 Oct: Tokushima Vortis Amateur 19-0 Sanwa Club

Sun 21 Oct: Ehime Shimanami 1-2 Sanyo Electric Tokushima
Sun 21 Oct: Kamatamare Sanuki 5-1 Nangoku Kochi
Sun 21 Oct: Tokushima Comprille SC 0-12 Tokushima Vortis Amateur
Sun 21 Oct: Ventana AC 4-4 Sanwa Club

1. Tokushima Vortis Amateur 40 (+85)
2. Kamatamare Sanuki 37 (+54)
3. Nangoku Kochi 30 (+19)
4. Sanyo Electric Tokushima 21 (-10)
5. Ventana AC 14 (-29)
6. Ehime Shimanami 10 (-25)
7. Tokushima Comprille SC 9 (-34)
8. Sanwa Club 4 (-60)
Shikoku League
Shikoku League 2007 sensations Tokushima Vortis Amateur took a major step towards winning the title with a 3-0 win at home to rivals Kamatamare Sanuki. Star striker Hideo Okamoto netted three times in the final half hour to put his team three points clear at the top with just two fixtures remaining. Previous top dogs Nangoku Kochi are now out of the race, despite their 6-4 defeat of Ehime Shimanami. At the foot of the table, Sanwa Club will definitely be in the relegation play-offs after losing 4-1 to Tokushima Comprille SC, who are just about in touch with the competition after picking up three vital points.

Sat 01 Sep: Ehime Shimanami 2-0 Tokushima Comprille SC
Sat 01 Sep: Tokushima Vortis Amateur 3-0 Kamatamare Sanuki

Sun 09 Sep: Kamatamare Sanuki 6-1 Sanyo Electric Tokushima
Sun 09 Sep: Nangoku Kochi 6-4 Ehime Shimanami
Sun 09 Sep: Tokushima Comprille SC 4-1 Sanwa Club
Sun 09 Sep: Ventana AC 0-7 Tokushima Vortis Amateur

1. Tokushima Vortis Amateur 34 (+54)
2. Kamatamare Sanuki 31 (+47)
3. Nangoku Kochi 27 (+21)
4. Sanyo Electric Tokushima 15 (-12)
5. Ehime Shimanami 13 (-17)
6. Ventana AC 10 (-30)
7. Tokushima Comprille SC 6 (-25)
8. Sanwa Club 3 (-38)
Shikoku League
In somewhat forlorn fashion, Nangoku Kochi closed the gap on front pair Kamatamare Sanuki and Tokushima Vortis Amateur in the only Shikoku League fixture of the weekend, courtesy of a 2-1 victory over Ehime's Ventana AC.

09 Jul 07 - Goalmouth action from Nangoku Kochi’s defeat of Ventana AC

Goalmouth action from Nangoku Kochi’s defeat of Ventana AC

Sun 08 Jul: Nangoku Kochi 2-1 Ventana AC

1. Kamatamare Sanuki 28 (+45)
2. Tokushima Vortis Amateur 28 (+44)
3. Nangoku Kochi 24 (+19)
4. Sanyo Electric Tokushima 15 (-7)
5. Ehime Shimanami 10 (-17)
6. Ventana AC 10 (-23)
7. Tokushima Comprille SC 3 (-26)
8. Sanwa Club 3 (-35)
Shikoku League
The Shikoku League championship race took a remarkable twist on Sunday, as season-long leaders Tokushima Vortis Amateur were knocked off top spot - in spite of their hard-fought 3-2 win at Nangoku Kochi. For 2006 title winners Kamatamare Sanuki took a major step towards retaining their crown, as an 8-0 thrashing of Ventana AC took them into first place, by virtue of a goal difference superior to Vortis' by just one.

It looks as if the two relegation places will be filled by Tokushima Comprille SC and Kochi's Sanwa Club, despite the latter's first victory of the year at the expense of an Ehime Shimanami side who have shocked Shikoku fans with their disappointing performances this year. Comprille's defeat at Sanyo Electric Tokushima, meanwhile, was their fifth loss in a row.

30 Jun 07 - Kamatamare Sanuki in blue doing over Ventana AC

Kamatamare Sanuki in blue doing over Ventana AC

Sun 01 Jul: Kamatamare Sanuki 8-0 Ventana AC
Sun 01 Jul: Nangoku Kochi 2-3 Tokushima Vortis Amateur
Sun 01 Jul: Sanwa Club 3-1 Ehime Shimanami
Sun 01 Jul: Sanyo Electric Tokushima 2-0 Tokushima Comprille SC

1. Kamatamare Sanuki 28 (+45)
2. Tokushima Vortis Amateur 28 (+44)
3. Nangoku Kochi 21 (+18)
4. Sanyo Electric Tokushima 15 (-7)
5. Ehime Shimanami 10 (-17)
6. Ventana AC 10 (-22)
7. Tokushima Comprille SC 3 (-26)
8. Sanwa Club 3 (-35)
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