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Tohoku League Division 1
Pre-season favourites Grulla Morioka continue to run away with the Tohoku League Division 1 crown for 2007, Sunday's comfortable 4-0 victory at Nippon Steel Kamaishi being their ninth win of the season. Grulla are therefore nine points ahead of their closest challengers, NEC Tokin, who weren't in action this weekend - but FC Primeiro nevertheless failed to make up any real ground on the top two by picking up only a draw at home to relegation-threatened Sendai Nakata Club. And in the other match, Furukawa Battery continued their recent run of poor results with a 3-1 defeat at home to Morioka Zebra.

09 Jul 07 - Morioka Zebra get the better of yellow-shirted Furukawa Battery

Morioka Zebra get the better of yellow-shirted Furukawa Battery

Sun 08 Jul: FC Primeiro 2-2 Sendai Nakata Club
Sun 08 Jul: Furukawa Battery 1-3 Morioka Zebra
Sun 08 Jul: Nippon Steel Kamaishi 0-4 Grulla Morioka

1. Grulla Morioka 27 (+32)
2. NEC Tokin 18 (+21)
3. FC Primeiro 13 (+4)
4. Wiese Shiogama 10 (+1)
5. Morioka Zebra 10 (-12)
6. Furukawa Battery 10 (-14)
7. Sendai Nakata Club 4 (-11)
8. Nippon Steel Kamaishi 4 (-21)
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