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Hokushinetsu League Division 1
Sunday's penultimate round of the Hokushinetsu League Division 1 introduced further twists into this most exciting of Japan's nine Regional League competitions. Former leaders Japan Soccer College were subjected to their second successive defeat as they went down 2-1 at home to an AC Nagano Parceiro side who had previously appeared to have slipped out of the running. Parceiro remain in contention, but the favourites to win the title now are arguably local rivals Matsumoto Yamaga Club, whose 2-1 defeat of Zweigen Kanazawa puts them two points clear at the top. The waters are muddied yet further by the fact that JSC host Yamaga in two weeks' time, while Zweigen travel to AC Nagano.

Lower down the table, Fervorosa had to come from a goal down at half time to beat Ueda Gentian 4-1, a result that confirms Ueda's relegation to Division 2. But the identity of the team who will face a play-off to remain in the top flight is unclear after the two contenders - Valiente Toyama and Niigata University of Management - drew 1-1, to leave Valiente safe in sixth place and with the relatively easy task of a final game against Ueda. The students, on the other hand, must beat Fervorosa knowing that even that may not be enough to help them avoid the play-off.

09 Jul 07 - Hidehito Shirao in action for Yamaga against Zweigen

Hidehito Shirao in action for Yamaga against Zweigen

Sun 08 Jul: Fervorosa 4-1 Ueda Gentian
Sun 08 Jul: Japan Soccer College 1-2 AC Nagano Parceiro
Sun 08 Jul: Matsumoto Yamaga Club 2-1 Zweigen Kanazawa
Sun 08 Jul: Valiente Toyama 1-1 Niigata University of Management

1. Matsumoto Yamaga Club 30 (+32)
2. Japan Soccer College 28 (+25)
3. AC Nagano Parceiro 28 (+14)
4. Zweigen Kanazawa 27 (+22)
5. Fervorosa 24 (+16)
6. Valiente Toyama 7 (-19)
7. Niigata University of Management 6 (-46)
8. Ueda Gentian 2 (-43)
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