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Hokkaido League
The Hokkaido League 2007 season is in some senses turning out completely as expected, with Norbritz Hokkaido apparently strolling to the title once again - the former Hokkaido Electric Power side destroyed Barefoot Hokkaido to pick up their seventh straight win of the year. But what is more surprising is that their nearest challengers are newly promoted from the second-tier Block Leagues, in the shape of Sapporo Winds.

They won their local derby against longstanding Hokkaido League outfit Sapporo FC, but that aside the low standard of football on Japan's northernmost major island is all too evident: there is no-one at all who is in a position to pose any threat to Norbritz. Blackpecker Hakodate, for instance, are having a disappointing year and on Sunday suffered the humiliation of a defeat at home by lowly Hokushukai, while the good start to the campaign made by Toyota Motors Hokkaido is now all but forgotten after they lost at home to Tokachifairsky Genesis.

30 Jun 07 - Um, this is Toyota Motors against Tokachifairsky, by all accounts

Um, this is Toyota Motors against Tokachifairsky, by all accounts

Sun 01 Jul: Barefoot Hokkaido 0-6 Norbritz Hokkaido
Sun 01 Jul: Blackpecker Hakodate 1-2 Hokushukai
Sun 01 Jul: Sapporo FC 0-7 Sapporo Winds
Sun 01 Jul: Toyota Motors Hokkaido 2-3 Tokachifairsky Genesis

1. Norbritz Hokkaido 21 (+26)
2. Sapporo Winds 16 (+9)
3. Toyota Motors Hokkaido 10 (-4)
4. Barefoot Hokkaido 9 (-3)
5. Blackpecker Hakodate 8 (-1)
6. Tokachifairsky Genesis 7 (-6)
7. Hokushukai 5 (-12)
8. Sapporo FC 4 (-11)
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