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Kansai League Division 2
With only three games remaining in the Kansai League Division 2 season, Hannan University have made sure of promotion in their first ever Regional League campaign. The students have led the table from the start of the year and confirmed their Division 1 status on Saturday in fine style, with a 10-1 thumping of Hermano Osaka that leaves them eleven points clear of third-placed Kohga School. Takada FC are virtually assured of accomapanying Hannan following their 3-1 defeat of Riseisha FC.

At the other end of the table, Kihoku have had a miserable year, losing every game and are thus relegated to the Prefectural Leagues having been beaten 7-1 by Kohga on Sunday. But the identity of the team to fill seventh position and the relegation play-off spot is very much open to question - and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe did themselves a big favour by pulling off a 2-1 win at Kyoto Shiko Club to move four points clear of Hermano.

Sat 30 Jun: Hermano Osaka 1-10 Hannan University
Sat 30 Jun: Kyoto Shiko Club 1-2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe
Sat 30 Jun: Takada FC 3-1 Riseisha FC

Sun 01 Jul: Kohga School 7-1 Kihoku Football Group

1. Hannan University 27 (+34)
2. Takada FC 25 (+17)
3. Kohga School 16 (+1)
4. Riseisha FC 16 (-3)
5. Kyoto Shiko Club 14 (+8)
6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 14 (-7)
7. Hermano Osaka 10 (-15)
8. Kihoku Football Group 0 (-25)
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