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Tokai League Division 2
Konica Minolta Toyokawa may have dropped a couple of points on Sunday, but they are still running away with Division 2 of the Tokai League this season. A 1-1 draw at Mind House Yokkaichi combined with a 1-0 defeat for nearest rivals Nagoya Club has Konica seven points clear at the top of the standings. But MIE Rampole dropped into the relegation zone for the first time this year after they lost at home to Toyota Football Group in disappointing fashion, while Morishin's FC picked up a second consecutive win by beating FC Kawasaki.

24 Jun 07 - MIE Rampole and Toyota splashing around

MIE Rampole and Toyota splashing around

Sun 24 Jun: Fuyo Club 1-0 Nagoya Club
Sun 24 Jun: MIE Rampole 0-3 Toyota Football Group
Sun 24 Jun: Mind House Yokkaichi 1-1 Konica Minolta Toyokawa
Sun 24 Jun: Morishin's FC 3-1 FC Kawasaki

1. Konica Minolta Toyokawa 17 (+11)
2. Nagoya Club 10 (+2)
3. Mind House Yokkaichi 10 (+2)
4. Fuyo Club 9 (+1)
5. Toyota Football Group 8 (+1)
6. Morishin's FC 7 (-8)
7. MIE Rampole 5 (-3)
8. FC Kawasaki 2 (-6)

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