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Kansai League Division 2
In Division 2 of the Kansai League, Hannan University and Takada FC look almost certain to gain promotion come the end of the year, although both dropped points in unexpected circumstances in the weekend's fixtures. Champions-elect Hannan were held 1-1 at home to Kohga School, while Takada could manage only a goalless draw at struggling Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe. Indeed, that result combined with Hermano Osaka's 2-0 defeat at Riseisha FC has given Mitsubishi a better chance of avoiding the relegation Play-off that goes with a seventh-place finish. Kihoku Football Group, however, are nearly guaranteed to be playing Prefectural League football this year after their 8-2 thrashing at home to Kyoto Shiko Club left them ten points adrift with only four games to go.

Sat 23 Jun: Hannan University 1-1 Kohga School
Sat 23 Jun: Kihoku Football Group 2-8 Kyoto Shiko Club
Sat 23 Jun: Riseisha FC 2-0 Hermano Osaka

Sun 24 Jun: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 0-0 Takada FC

1. Hannan University 24 (+25)
2. Takada FC 22 (+15)
3. Riseisha FC 16 (-1)
4. Kyoto Shiko Club 14 (+9)
5. Kohga School 13 (-5)
6. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 11 (-8)
7. Hermano Osaka 10 (-6)
8. Kihoku Football Group 0 (-29)

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