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Hokushinetsu League Division 1
Fervorosa may be out of the hunt for the Hokushinetsu League Division 1 title, but they can still cause a considerable amount of difficulty for the teams still hoping to take on the crown from 2006 winners Japan Soccer College. For the Ishikawa prefecture side pulled off a remarkable 4-1 over Matsumoto Yamaga Club, which ultimately caused Yamaga to drop out of the top two in the standings - thereby raising huge doubts over whether or not they can hope to gain a place in the promotion Play-offs at the end of the year.

Moving into second above their neighbours from Matsumoto are AC Nagano Parceiro, who beat Niigata University of Management, while Zweigen Kanazawa still cannot be discounted after thrashing relegation favourites Ueda Gentian 9-0. But holding on to top spot and hoping that they can retain their title are Japan Soccer College, for whom their 8-0 drubbing of Valiente Toyama was their sixth consecutive win.

24 Jun 07 - Party time in the rain for Fervorosa

Party time in the rain for Fervorosa

Sun 24 Jun: Fervorosa 4-1 Matsumoto Yamaga Club
Sun 24 Jun: Niigata University of Management 0-2 AC Nagano Parceiro
Sun 24 Jun: Ueda Gentian 0-9 Zweigen Kanazawa
Sun 24 Jun: Valiente Toyama 0-8 Japan Soccer College

1. Japan Soccer College 28 (+26)
2. AC Nagano Parceiro 25 (+16)
3. Matsumoto Yamaga Club 24 (+28)
4. Zweigen Kanazawa 24 (+22)
5. Fervorosa 18 (+12)
6. Valiente Toyama 6 (-18)
7. Niigata University of Management 4 (-46)
8. Ueda Gentian 1 (-40)

24 Jun 07 - Ueda Gentian try desperately to keep out Zweigen Kanazawa

Ueda Gentian try desperately to keep out Zweigen Kanazawa

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