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Tokai League Division 1
After three of last week's matches were postponed due to thunderstorms in the neighbourhood, there is now clear daylight between favourites Shizuoka FC and their nearest challengers Yazaki Valente in the Tokai League Division 1. While Shizuoka were beating Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo, neighbours Yazaki could only draw at struggling Maruyasu Industries, meaning that they fall two points behind as a result. Somewhat distant in third place are Fujieda City Hall, despite the disappointment for them of a draw at home to bottom side Kasugai Club; Honda Suzuka move up to fourth after their win over Chukyo University.

Sat 16 Jun: Maruyasu Industries 2-2 Yazaki Valente
Sat 16 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 1-3 Shizuoka FC

Sun 17 Jun: Fujieda City Hall 1-1 Kasugai Club
Sun 17 Jun: Honda Suzuka 3-2 Chukyo University

1. Shizuoka FC 15 (+18)
2. Yazaki Valente 13 (+12)
3. Fujieda City Hall 7 (-1)
4. Honda Suzuka 7 (-7)
5. Chukyo University 6 (-5)
6. Maruyasu Industries 4 (-3)
7. Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 4 (-3)
8. Kasugai Club 1 (-9)

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