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8th Eastern Japan Football Tournament

Very brief initial details have been released of this year's 8th Eastern Japan Football Tournament. There is no sign yet of any information as to who will take part in the competition, but it will be staged on the weekend of 14 - 16 July in the city of Kai, Yamanashi prefecture. Last year's winners were TDK Akita, at that time representatives of the Tohoku region but now, of course, better known as JFL side TDK SC.

TDK were joined in the 2006 tournament by Norbritz Hokkaido and Shizuoka FC - representing Hokkaido and Tokai respectively - and three representative teams. A Gunma Prefectural XI flew the flag for Kanto, an Ishikawa side did the same for Hokushinetsu while the hosts, Fukui prefecture, were also allocated a spot. JNFN will provide more information about this year's competition as soon as it becomes available.
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