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Kansai League Division 2
It was Takada FC whose nerve finally cracked in the race for the Kansai League Division 2 title. All season long, they have been neck and neck at the top with newcomers Hannan University - but on Saturday they could only draw with Kyoto Shiko Club, while Hannan were cruising to a 5-1 win at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe.

Shiko and Mitsubishi are fighting things out in mid-table along with Kohga School - 2-1 winners over struggling Hermano Osaka - and Riseisha FC, who beat Kihoku Football Group 4-3. This leaves Kihoku yet to get off the mark after seven matches of the season and looking odds-on for the automatic relegation place, while Hermano are in danger of having to play off to remain in the Kansai League next season.

26 May 07 - Kihoku tussle unsuccessfully with Riseisha

Kihoku tussle unsuccessfully with Riseisha

Sat 26 May: Hermano Osaka 1-2 Kohga School
Sat 26 May: Kihoku Football Group 3-4 Riseisha FC
Sat 26 May: Kyoto Shiko Club 1-1 Takada FC
Sat 26 May: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 1-5 Hannan University Club

1. Hannan University 19 (+20)
2. Takada FC 17 (+12)
3. Riseisha FC 10 (-)
4. Kohga School 10 (-5)
5. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 10 (-5)
6. Kyoto Shiko Club 9 (+3)
7. Hermano Osaka 4 (-10)
8. Kihoku Football Group 0 (-15)

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