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Tokai League Division 1
Two games in to the new season and Division 1 of the Tokai League could scarcely be more spread out. Favourites Shizuoka FC are top of the pile after beating promoted Kasugai Club - their second 5-0 win of the year - but fellow Shizuoka prefecture clubs Yazaki Valente and Fujieda City Hall are right behind them, following defeats of Chukyo University and Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo respectively. While all this leaves Kasugai and Chukyo University at the bottom of the table yet to score a point, they're joined there by old Tokai League hands Maruyasu Industries, 3-2 losers at Honda Suzuka.

20 May 07 - That would be Fujieda City Hall’s 2007 squad

That would be Fujieda City Hall’s 2007 squad

Sun 20 May: Chukyo University 0-2 Yazaki Valente
Sun 20 May: Fujieda City Hall 3-1 Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo
Sun 20 May: Honda Suzuka 3-2 Maruyasu Industries
Sun 20 May: Kasugai Club 0-5 Shizuoka FC

1. Shizuoka FC 6 (+10)
2. Yazaki Valente 6 (+4)
3. Fujieda City Hall 6 (+3)
4. Sagawa Kyubin Chukyo 3 (-1)
5. Honda Suzuka 3 (-4)
6. Maruyasu Industries 0 (-2)
7. Chukyo University 0 (-3)
8. Kasugai Club 0 (-7)

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