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Hokkaido League
The weekend saw a double-header of fixtures - rounds 2 and 3 - in the Hokkaido League and although champions Norbritz Hokkaido already look like the team to beat, newly-promoted Sapporo Winds are putting up an impressive showing during their first season at Regional level. Norbritz have a 100% record after wins over Hokushukai and Blackpecker Hakodate, but Winds are just a couple of points behind thanks to a 2-1 win over bottom place Tokachifairsky Genesis and a draw with Hokushukai. It was a good weekend for Toyota Motors Hokkaido, who notched up a pair of 1-0 victories at the expense of Barefoot Hokkaido and a surprisingly poor Sapporo FC. They also lost to Blackpecker, who are fourth in the table as a result.

20 MAy 07 - Without doubt a photo of Toyota Motors against Sapporo FC

Without doubt a photo of Toyota Motors against Sapporo FC

Sat 19 May: Hokushukai 2-4 Norbritz Hokkaido
Sat 19 May: Sapporo FC 2-3 Blackpecker Hakodate
Sat 19 May: Sapporo Winds 2-1 Tokachifairsky Genesis
Sat 19 May: Toyota Motors Hokkaido 1-0 Barefoot Hokkaido

Sun 20 May: Barefoot Hokkaido 3-2 Tokachifairsky Genesis
Sun 20 May: Hokushukai 1-1 Sapporo Winds
Sun 20 May: Norbritz Hokkaido 3-1 Blackpecker Hakodate
Sun 20 May: Toyota Motors Hokkaido 1-0 Sapporo FC

1. Norbritz Hokkaido 9 (+6)
2. Sapporo Winds 7 (+2)
3. Toyota Motors Hokkaido 6 (-)
4. Blackpecker Hakodate 4 (-1)
5. Barefoot Hokkaido 3 (-1)
6. Hokushukai 2 (-2)
7. Sapporo FC 1 (-2)
8. Tokachifairsky Genesis 1 (-2)
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