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Kansai League Division 2
Hannan University and Takada FC march on at the top of the Kansai League Division 2, with both clubs retaining their 100% starts to the year after round five over the weekend. The Osaka students from Hannan were losing 2-1 at half-time against the current bottom-place side Kihoku Football Group, but recovered to win 4-2, while Takada had a comfortable 3-0 victory over Hermano Osaka.

Remarkably, there is already an eight-point gap between Takada in second and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe in third, with the mid-ranking teams taking points off each other. It is already difficult to see anyone troubling the frontrunners for promotion, especially after Mitsubishi's 2-0 defeat at Kohga School. Riseisha FC managed their first win of the season at Kyoto Shiko Club to move out of the relegation zone.

Sat 12 May: Kohga School 2-0 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe

Sun 13 May: Kihoku Football Group 2-4 Hannan University Club
Sun 13 May: Kyoto Shiko Club 1-2 Riseisha FC
Sun 13 May: Takada FC 3-0 Hermano Osaka

1. Hannan University 15 (+16)
2. Takada FC 15 (+12)
3. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 7 (-2)
4. Kohga School 7 (-4)
5. Kyoto Shiko Club 5 (-)
6. Riseisha FC 4 (-3)
7. Hermano Osaka 4 (-6)
8. Kihoku Football Group 0 (-13)
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