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Hokushinetsu League Division 2
The topsy-turvy season in Division 2 of the Hokushinetsu League levelled out somewhat on Sunday, although seemingly any team is capable of taking points from any of their rivals. The unfortunate exception to this rule are Toyama Shinjo Club, who like their neighbours Valiente Toyama in Division 1 are having a wretched campaign. A 5-1 home defeat to Ohara School JaSRA means that Shinjo have yet to gain a point all season and they are therefore rooted to the foot of the table.

But the top three teams did actually manage to win all their matches, Saurcos Fukui retaining pole position with a 3-1 win over Maruoka Phoenix. Hot on their heels, though, are both FC Antelope Shiojiri and Teihens FC, who both chalked up away victories at CUPS Niigata and Granscena Niigata respectively. It could be that the two promotion places will come down to a fight between that trio.

14 May 07 - Granscena Niigata and Teihens go head to head

Granscena Niigata and Teihens go head to head

Sun 13 May: CUPS Niigata 1-2 FC Antelope Shiojiri
Sun 13 May: Granscena Niigata 2-3 Teihens FC
Sun 13 May: Saurcos Fukui 3-1 Maruoka Phoenix
Sun 13 May: Toyama Shinjo Club 1-5 Ohara School JaSRA

1. Saurcos Fukui 12 (+7)
2. FC Antelope Shiojiri 11 (+3)
3. Teihens FC 10 (+7)
4. Ohara School JaSRA 7 (+2)
5. Maruoka Phoenix 6 (-)
6. Granscena Niigata 6 (+1)
7. CUPS Niigata 6 (-4)
8. Toyama Shinjo Club 0 (-16)

14 May 07 - Flag confusion at CUPS Niigata

Flag confusion at CUPS Niigata
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