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Chugoku League
Just a matter of days after having been given a rough ride here on JNFN for their poor results so far this season, Renofa Yamaguchi have blown a huge hole in the Chugoku League title hopes of FC Central Chugoku. Renofa came from a goal down at half-time on Sunday to claim an excellent 2-1 win over the ambitious Shimane outfit. Combine this result with a sixth straight victory for champions and favourites Fagiano Okayama - who defeated the other main contenders, Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku - and there is all of a sudden a six-point gap at the top between Fagiano and FC Central.

But there was action aplenty elsewhere, too, as both Mazda SC and Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado picked up their first wins of the year. Promoted side Mazda overcame JFE Steel Western Japan, while Yamaguchi-based Kasado squeezed past a Hiroshima Fujita SC side whose decline from last season seems to be continuing. Luckily for all concerned, however, there is to be no relegation from the Chugoku League at the end of 2007, as the competition is to be expanded to ten teams next season.

14 May 07 - Renofa Yamaguchi in orange scrap it out with FC Central

Renofa Yamaguchi in orange scrap it out with FC Central

Sun 13 May: Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 1-0 Hiroshima Fujita SC
Sun 13 May: Mazda SC 2-0 JFE Steel Western Japan
Sun 13 May: Renofa Yamaguchi 2-1 FC Central Chugoku
Sun 13 May: Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 0-1 Fagiano Okayama

1. Fagiano Okayama 18 (+25)
2. FC Central Chugoku 12 (+9)
3. Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 9 (+11)
4. Renofa Yamaguchi 8 (-4)
5. JFE Steel Western Japan 6 (-11)
6. Hiroshima Fujita SC 4 (-5)
7. Mazda SC 4 (-10)
8. Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 3 (-15)

14 May 07 - A sunny day for Sagawa Kyubin and Fagiano Okayama

A sunny day for Sagawa Kyubin and Fagiano Okayama
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