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Kanto League Division 1
Promoted into Division 1 of the Kanto League only at the end of last season, FC Machida Zelvia and Hitachi Tochigi Uva have wasted little time in demonstrating the weak level of the region's football. The pair occupy the top two positions in the league after three rounds of the 2007 campaign, with Tokyo-based Machida confirming their new superiority thanks to a 5-1 drubbing of Saitama SC.

Hitachi meanwhile thrashed their Tochigi neighbours Yaita SC 6-0 to second on goal difference. Level with them on points are Toho Titanium, 2-1 winners at 2006 champions YSCC; and Luminozo Sayama, who pipped Toshiba Fuchu with the only goal of the game. This leaves YSCC and Yaita yet to get off the mark at the foot of the table.

29 Apr 07 - Tomohiro Saika, interviewed after scoring twice for Machida Zelvia

Tomohiro Saika, interviewed after scoring twice for Machida Zelvia

Sun 29 Apr: Luminozo Sayama 1-0 Toshiba Fuchu
Sun 29 Apr: Saitama SC 1-5 FC Machida Zelvia
Sun 29 Apr: Yaita SC 0-6 Hitachi Tochigi Uva
Sun 29 Apr: YSCC 1-2 Toho Titanium

1. FC Machida Zelvia 9 (+6)
2. Hitachi Tochigi Uva 6 (+8)
3. Toho Titanium 6 (+1)
4. Luminozo Sayama 6 (+1)
5. Saitama SC 6 (-)
6. Toshiba Fuchu 3 (-)
7. YSCC 0 (-5)
8. Yaita SC 0 (-11)

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