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Hokushinetsu League Division 1
AC Nagano Parceiro's Yuichi Yoda was the goal hero in Sunday's big match in Division 1 of the Hokushinetsu League. The 29-year-old striker scored with seventeen minutes to go to claim a crucial three points and a win over local rivals Matsumoto Yamaga Club, in a top-of-the-table encounter watched by 6399 fans at Matsumoto's Alwin Stadium. This result leaves Nagano three points ahead of Yamaga, Japan Soccer College and Zweigen Kanazawa, the latter two of whom met in Niigata, with JSC running out 2-1 winners in a close game.

Ishikawa's Fervorosa are now occupying their familiar mid-table position in spite of the investments in their squad made by club management during the close season. But following on from consecutive defeats in the first two games of the year, they have now won two on the trot after a comfortable 3-0 victory over struggling promoted side Valiente Toyama. It's Valiente who slip to the bottom of the table thanks to their nearest rivals Niigata University of Management and FC Ueda Gentian picking up a point apiece from a 2-2 draw.

29 Apr 07 - Zweigen Kanazawa before their defeat to JSC

Zweigen Kanazawa before their defeat to JSC

Sun 29 Apr: Japan Soccer College 2-1 Zweigen Kanazawa
Sun 29 Apr: Matsumoto Yamaga Club 0-1 AC Nagano Parceiro
Sun 29 Apr: Niigata University of Management 2-2 FC Ueda Gentian
Sun 29 Apr: Valiente Toyama 0-3 Fervorosa

1. AC Nagano Parceiro 12 (+13)
2. Matsumoto Yamaga Club 9 (+11)
3. Japan Soccer College 9 (+8)
4. Zweigen Kanazawa 9 (+4)
5. Fervorosa 6 (+2)
6. Ueda Gentian 1 (-9)
7. Niigata University of Management 1 (-15)
8. Valiente Toyama 0 (-13)

29 Apr 07 - Nagano Parceiro celebrate their goal against Matsumoto Yamaga

Nagano Parceiro celebrate their goal against Matsumoto Yamaga

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