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Kanto League Division 1
Two rounds in to the 2007 Kanto League Division 1 season and there are only a pair of teams left with 100% records. Top of the early table on goal difference are Saitama SC, who added to their 1-0 win over Toshiba Fuchu last week with an excellent 3-0 triumph on Saturday at Toho Titanium. But hot on their heels are newly-promoted Tokyoites FC Machida Zelvia, who the following day overcame 2006 champions YSCC by the odd goal in five.

This leaves YSCC joint bottom of the table with Yaita SC, disappointing 2-0 losers to Toshiba Fuchu in what was already their second home loss of the new campaign. Bouncing back from their own defeat to Machida last weekend, however, came Saitama's Luminozo Sayama, thanks to a 2-1 win at Hitachi Tochigi Uva that leaves both sides in mid-table.

22 Apr 07 - Cheerleading in office clothes, Machida Zelvia-style

Cheerleading in office clothes, Machida Zelvia-style

Sat 21 Apr: Toho Titanium 0-3 Saitama SC

Sun 22 Apr: FC Machida Zelvia 3-2 YSCC
Sun 22 Apr: Hitachi Tochigi Uva 1-2 Luminozo Sayama
Sun 22 Apr: Yaita SC 0-2 Toshiba Fuchu

1. Saitama SC 6 (+4)
2. FC Machida Zelvia 6 (+2)
3. Hitachi Tochigi Uva 3 (+2)
4. Toshiba Fuchu 3 (+1)
5. = Luminozo Sayama 3 (-)
5. = Toho Titanium 3 (-)
7. YSCC 0 (-4)
8. Yaita SC 0 (-5)

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