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Kansai League Division 2
There was a full programme of games on Saturday to kick off the Kansai League Division 2 season for 2007. Newcomers to Regional League football Osaka's Hannan University Club in particular got off to a flying start, immediately notching up a 6-2 win over relegated Kyoto Shiko Club, although the other club to make the drop down from the top flight alongside Shiko, Takada FC, managed a 3-1 win over the students of Kohga School.

Hermano Osaka ended up in third place last year and so just missed out on a promotion spot, but they began the new campaign with a 3-2 defeat of Wakayama prefecture's top-ranked team, Kihoku Football Group. In the fourth game, two mid-table sides from 2006 could be separated only by a single goal, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe claiming a narrow win over another student team, Riseisha FC.

16 Apr 07 - Happy happy happy. Riseisha lose against red-shirted Mitsubishi

Happy happy happy. Riseisha lose against red-shirted Mitsubishi

Sat 14 Apr: Kihoku Football Group 2-3 Hermano Osaka
Sat 14 Apr: Kyoto Shiko Club 2-6 Hannan University Club
Sat 14 Apr: Riseisha FC 0-1 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe
Sat 14 Apr: Takada FC 3-1 Kohga School

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