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Shakaijin 2007
Some early news on the subject of this year's All-Japan Shakaijin tournament, which is essentially for non-league teams lower in the pyramid than the JFL, i.e. Regional and Prefectural League sides. The competition will this year be staged between Sat 13 and Wed 17 October and, as was the case in 2006, the winners will be eligible to participate into the end-of-season Regional League Championship Winners' Play-off to decide entry into the JFL itself.

If the winners of the Shakaijin have already gained entry to the Play-offs by virtue of having won their own Regional League, the Shakaijin runners-up will be invited to take their place. Indeed, this is exactly what happened last season, when Shizuoka FC from Tokai ended up in the Play-offs after Kyushu champions V Varen Nagasaki had carried off the Shakaijin title too; but this right will not be extended to the team finishing third in the Shakaijin.

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