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JFL News In Brief
... Keisuke Mori, previously a defender with Sagan Tosu and Alo's Hokuriku, has moved from Mito Hollyhock to become a coach at Ibaraki neighbours Ryutsu Keizai University... after having been let go at the end of last season by Alo's, ex-Tokushima Vortis midfielder has signed for Crystal Palace USA... three other players who reached the end of their contracts with various JFL clubs have found new teams, all in the Kanto League. Midfield player Toshiya Hirata, formerly with SC Tottori, has gone to YSCC; keeper Takeshi Tsutsui has moved from JEF Club to Furukawa Electrics Chiba; and Takayasu Kawai, another midfield player, has signed for Kanagawa Teachers after finishing at Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo...

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