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Shikoku League
2007's Shikoku League season also got underway on Sunday and it ought to be clarified straightaway to eagle-eyed readers that Alex SC have changed their name during the close season. The Tokushima-based club took on the name of Alex, a local sports shop, as long ago as 1987 but are now called in Japanese 徳島コンプリールSC. The English spelling of this new name is as yet unconfirmed, but until further details emerge they will be known at least on these pages as Tokushima Comprille SC.

10 Apr 07 - Ventana in white battle their way to a win over Shimanami

Ventana in white battle their way to a win over Shimanami

Whatever the club are called, they nevertheless lost the opening fixture of the new campaign, although a 1-0 defeat at Nangoku Kochi cannot go down as too bad a result. This is particularly true when one remembers that goalscorer Yohei Ueda managed seven in the equivalent fixture last year, which turned out to be a 10-0 drubbing for Alex. Reigning champions Kamatamare Sanuki, however, comfortably overcame last year's whipping boys Sanwa Club to the tune of 4-1, thanks in the main to a hat-trick from striker Hiroshi Kato.

The other two fixtures brought more surprising results. In the Matsuyama prefecture derby match, Ehime Shimanami - who in the last few seasons have emerged as the strongest challengers to the clear superiority of Kamatamare and Nangoku - were defeated 2-1 at home by neighbours Ventana AC. Top of the fledgling table at present, though, are Tokushima Vortis Amateur; two late goals made them clear 4-0 winners over their own local rivals Sanyo Electric Tokushima.

10 Apr 07 - Kamatamare line up for the first game of the season

Kamatamare line up for the first game of the season

Sun 08 Apr: Ehime Shimanami 1-2 Ventana AC
Sun 08 Apr: Nangoku Kochi 1-0 Tokushima Comprille SC
Sun 08 Apr: Sanwa Club 1-4 Kamatamare Sanuki
Sun 08 Apr: Tokushima Vortis Amateur 4-0 Sanyo Electric Tokushima
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