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Hokushinetsu League Division 2
Sunday saw the opening round, too, to the Hokushinetsu League Division 2 season for 2007. Newly promoted from the Prefectural Leagues are CUPS Niigata - otherwise known as Japan Soccer College reserves - and Ohara School JaSRA, but the two achieved very different results in their debut matches at Regional level. CUPS were 2-0 down inside ten minutes and ended up being beaten 4-0 by Saurcos Fukui, who previously played under the name of FC Kanazu and now have their sights set on bringing J-League football to their own quiet corner of the country. A crowd of 500 turned up to see the start of the journey.

Ohara School, on the other hand, recorded an excellent 2-1 win away at Teihens FC, who twelve months ago were kicking off a season in Division 1. Like the mysteriously-monikered Saurcos, another team to have changed their name are Granscena Niigata - formerly known somewhat misleadingly as TOP Niigata - who overcame Toyama Shinjo Club 2-0. In the other game of the day, FC Antelope Shiojiri managed a 1-0 win over Maruoka Phoenix.

10 Apr 07 - It’s Granscena Niigata on the attack against Toyama Shinjo, of course

It’s Granscena Niigata on the attack against Toyama Shinjo, of course

Sun Apr 08: Granscena Niigata 2-0 Toyama Shinjo Club
Sun Apr 08: Maruoka Phoenix 0-1 FC Antelope Shiojiri
Sun Apr 08: Saurcos Fukui 4-0 CUPS Niigata
Sun Apr 08: Teihens FC 1-2 Ohara School JaSRA

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