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Fukui Joins The J-League Race
Fukui prefecture in the Hokushinetsu region is the latest to join the race for a place in the J-League, with the news that Hokushinetsu League Division 2 side FC Kanazu have modified their status and structure with the intention of working towards the ranks of the professionals. The resulting new club will be known as Saurcos Fukui, with a base in Owara city and the chance to use the 21,000-capacity Technoport Fukui Stadium for home games.

Unlike other clubs in comparable situations, such as Renofa Yamaguchi in Chugoku and the newly-promoted MIE Rampole in the Tokai League, Saurcos have been a little coy about setting a particular date by which time they want to achieve a J2 position. Kanazu, however, gained promotion to the lower section of the Hokushinetsu League for the 2005 season - and indeed missed out on moving up to Division 1 at the end of 2006 by just a whisker, as Ueda Gentian beat them 6-5 on penalties after their Play-off ended 2-2.
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