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Tokai League Division 2 Team List
There have been a couple of modifications made to the make up of the 2007 Tokai League Division 2 since the original team list was posted here on JNFN a couple of weeks ago. The ACM Central club, who were relegated from Division 1 at the end of last season, have withdrawn and their place will be taken by the side that were to have been relegated out of the league as a result of finishing bottom in Division 2, FC Kawasaki. Moreover, Mind House TC - Tokai League participants on and off since 1996 - have changed their name from that of a Teachers' Club to Mind House Yokkaichi.

FC Kawasaki - FC川崎 - 8th
Fuyo Club - 芙蓉クラブ - 6th
Konica Minolta Toyokawa - コニカミノルタ豊川 - 4th
MIE Rampole - MIE.ランポーレ - Mie Prefectural League
Mind House Yokkaichi - マインドハウス四日市 - 3rd as Mind House TC
Morishin's FC - Morishin's FC - 7th
Nagoya Club - 名古屋クラブ - 5th
Toyota Football Group - トヨタ蹴球団 - Aichi Prefectural League

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