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SC Tottori - In J2, 2008
SC Tottori have announced their intention to aim for J2 membership in 2008. The team finished in twelfth place in this season's JFL, an improvement on last year's fourteenth but neverthless below the eighth spot that had been set as a target at the beginning of 2005. Conformation of their ambition, however, does not come as an surprise, although it was expressed in terms of being a modification of the club's objectives.

These aims have until now revolved around matters such as the promotion of sportsmanship through competition, the development of sport and of friendship between members of the club - but now encompass matters more broadly beneficial to the people of Tottori prefecture, in the sense that the club seeks to act as a focus for their hopes of success.

20 Dec 05 - I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...

2006 will therefore see SC Tottori redouble its efforts to provide a sponsored training programme for kids in the area, as well as working towards the development of a corporate body with the financial ability to support J-League activity. The Tottori Bird Stadium is already in place as a suitable facility for use at J-League level, but some work will nevertheless still be required to enable J2 football to be played there regularly. Training areas will also be need that can support an increased amount of use.

19 Dec 05 - SC Tottori line up before their last JFL game of 2005, against Sony Sendai

SC Tottori line up before their last JFL game of 2005 against Sony Sendai

The most important aspect, however, is of course finiancial. Sponsorship raised for the club in 2005 about 13,000,000 yen - whilst 300,000,000 is generally thought to be a suitable equivalent figure for a J2 team. The club management are therefore working towards a position where they can absorb additional costs of 50,000,000 yen by the middle of January 2006.

But despite the extra financial pressures, a club spokesman expressed the view that the project of bringing J-League football to one of Japan's quieter prefectures - on the Japan Sea coast, near the southern end of Honshu - would be worthwhile. "We think that this is something that will benefit people living in Tottori prefecture," he said "There will be sacrifices required over the coming years and so we ask for the co-operation and support of everyone."

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