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Kyushu League Prefectural Promotion Play-offs
The Kyushu League Prefectural Promotion Play-offs have also been taking place over this weekend, to decide the final places in the Kyu League for 2007. At the end of the eight-team knock-out competition, Kumamoto Teachers make a return to the league, having most recently appeared at Regional level in 2002.

They were in fact founder members back in 1973, winning the title on one occasion four years later - which in turn led to the club participating in the first ever Regional League Championship Winners' Play-off, although a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Dainichi Nippon Cables put paid at the First Round stage to their hopes of promotion.

Runners-up in Sunday's final were Miyazaki prefecture's Nobeoka City SC. They take on Kaiho Bank SC next week in the final Play-off - alongside the equivalent fixture in Kansai, the last piece of action of the 2006 season.

Sat 13 Jan: Kyushu Sogo Sports College 1-2 Kumamoto Teachers
Sat 13 Jan: Kawasoe Club 8-3 NST Dreams
Sat 13 Jan: Mitsubishi Electric Nagasaki 0-4 Nobeoka City SC
Sat 13 Jan: Oroku Club 1-2 Miyake Club

Sun 14 Jan: Kumamoto Teachers 2-1 Kawasoe Club
Sun 14 Jan: Nobeoka City SC 5-3 Miyake Club

Sun 14 Jan: Kumamoto Teachers 5-2 Nobeoka City SC

Kaiho Bank SC subsequently retained their place in the Kyushu League for 2007 with a narrow win over Nobeoka in the final Promotion / Relegation Play-off.

Sun 21 Jan: Kaiho Bank SC 4-3 Nobeoka City SC
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