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Chugoku League Promotion / Relegation Play-offs
The final places in the Chugoku League for 2007 were confirmed on Sunday, with the second leg ties of the Promotion / Relegation Play-offs being staged. Yamaguchi prefecture's Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado kept their place in the Regional League for what will be a fourth successive year with a comfortable 6-1 aggregate victory over NTN Okayama, but Iwami SC are relegated back to the Shimane League.

Iwami have been playing Chugoku League football for five years, but lost home-and-away in their play-off with one of the former powerhouses of football in the area, Mazda SC. Eight-time champions in just a decade from the end of the 1980s, Mazda went into decline around the turn of the millennium and were eventually relegated to the Hiroshima Prefectural League at the end of 2003, when they were by coincidence defeated at this very same stage by Hitachi Kasado.

Sun 17 Dec: Mazda SC 4-1 Iwami SC (Mazda SC won 7-3 on aggregate)
Sun 17 Dec: NTN Okayama 0-3 Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado (Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado won 6-1 on aggregate)

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