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Shikoku League Promotion Play-offs 2006
Results now from the Shikoku League Promotion Play-offs held in Tokushima over the weekend. In a remarkable tournament involving the participants playing three games in just two days, Ehime's Hisaeda FC took top spot on goals scored thanks to a 3-0 win over Shuyukai from Tokushima. Kagawa's Minami Club squeeze through as runners-up, despite going down 1-0 to rivals Showa Club in the last match.

The resulting Hisaeda - Sanwa Club fixture in one of the ties to decide the last two positions in the Shikoku League for next season will bring back memories of a stunning match at exactly the same stage in the competition in January this year. Sanwa overcame the challenge of their Prefectural League opposition with a 6-5 win in the first leg followed by a 2-2 draw a week later to retain their status.

Sat 09 Dec: Showa Club 1-0 Shuyukai
Sat 09 Dec: Hisaeda FC 1-2 Minami Club

Sun 10 Dec: Showa Club 0-1 Hisaeda FC
Sun 10 Dec: Shuyukai 0-1 Minami Club

Sun 10 Dec: Showa Club 1-0 Minami Club
Sun 10 Dec: Shuyukai 0-3 Hisaeda FC

1. Hisaeda FC 6 (+2)
2. Minami Club 6 (+2)
3. Showa Club 6 (+1)
4. Shuyukai 0 (-5)

Promotion / Relegation Play-off Fixtures

Sun 28 Jan: Sanwa Club - Hisaeda FC
Sun 28 Jan: Alex SC - Minami Club

Sun 04 Feb: Hisaeda FC - Sanwa Club
Sun 04 Feb: Minami Club - Alex SC

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