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Tokai League Division 2
Kasugai Club's failure to do anything more than draw their last three Tokai League Division 2 fixtures means that the 2006 title is likely to go to Honda Suzuka after a 2-2 tie between the frontrunning pair in Honda's last game of the season on Sunday. Suzuka bounce straight back to Division 1 following relegation a year ago, while Kasugai, who have one match to play at home to Morishin's, were last at the top level of the Regional game in 2003. Nagoya Club made the drop with Honda at the end of 2005 and rounded off their campaign with a draw at Konica Minolta Toyokawa that sees them finish in mid-table.

Sun 01 Oct: Kasugai Club 2-2 Honda Suzuka
Sun 01 Oct: Konica Minolta Toyokawa 2-2 Nagoya Club

1 Honda Suzuka 29 (+8)
2 Kasugai Club 27 (+14)
3 Konica Minolta Toyokawa 22 (+8)
4 Mind House TC 20 (+4)
5 Nagoya Club 20 (+1)
6 Fuyo Club 18 (-4)
7 Morishin's 14 (-1)
8 FC Kawasaki 3 (-30)

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