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JFL - Round 24 (Saturday)
A vital win for Rosso Kumamoto on Saturday has reognited the JFL title race ahead of Sunday's clash between Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo and frontrunner Honda FC. Twenty five minutes in, however, and things looked very different for the Kyushu side as they trailed 2-0 at relegation-threatened FC Kariya, thanks to two goals from in-form striker Tomohiro Ito. But Rosso fought back after the interval and pulled level through Mitsuhiro Seki just after the hour, former Gunma FC Horikoshi forward Tamon Machida finally grabbing the winner two minutes from time.

This result not only means that Kariya remain just three points above Mitsubishi Mizushima in the relegation play-off places, but also closes the gap at the top between Honda and Rosso to just two points. Back into third place, though, are a YKK AP side who appear to be returning to something approaching the form that saw them go clear in first early on during the season. In a tough match at Yokogawa Musashino they were a goal behind to a Yosuke Kobayashi effort after half an hour, but a brace from Haksun Fang had the Toyama club ahead at half time. Kim Jae Dong equalised for Yokogawa only for defender Kengo Tsutsumi to claim all three points for YKK.

19 Aug 06 - FC Kariya defend a Rosso Kumamoto corner

FC Kariya defend a Rosso Kumamoto corner

Sat 19 Aug: FC Kariya 2-3 Rosso Kumamoto
Sat 19 Aug: Yokogawa Musashino 2-3 YKK AP

1 Honda FC 54 (+24)
2 Rosso Kumamoto 52 (+25)
3 YKK AP 49 (+26)
4 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo 48 (+33)
5 Sagawa Kyubin Osaka 48 (+26)
6 Yokogawa Musashino 41 (+10)
7 Tochigi SC 39 (+10)
8 Alo's Hokuriku 38 (+16)
9 Sony Sendai 33 (+5)
10 SC Tottori 24 (+1)
11 Sagawa Printing 23 (-17)
12 JEF Club 22 (-17)
13 Arte Takasaki 22 (-17)
14 Ryutsu Keizai University 21 (-15)
15 FC Kariya 20 (-19)
16 FC Ryukyu 19 (-13)
17 Mitsubishi Mizushima 17 (-36)
18 Honda Lock 10 (-42)

19 Aug 06 - Yokogawa Musashino set up a free kick against YKK AP

Yokogawa Musashino set up a free kick against YKK AP

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