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Kanto League Division 1 - Round 13
Yaita SC's poor recent form finally caught up with them on Sunday and they slipped into second place in the Kanto League Division 1, after having led the rankings all season. A defeat at Toshiba Fuchu coupled with Luminozo Sayama's 3-1 win over MSDF Atsugi Marcus means that reigning champions Luminozo go into the last round on 10 September in the lead on goal difference. Third place belongs to YSCC, 2-1 winners over Hanno Bruder - and given that YSCC's one remaining fixture is at Yaita, this match will in all likelihood decide who joins Luminozo in the Regional League Championship Winners' Play-off for a place in the JFL. Elsewhere, mid-table sides Saitama SC and Toho Titanium drew their match, but those losses for MSDF and Hanno confirmed that they are relegated to Division 2 for 2007.

06 Aug 06 - Shinya Kobayashi in possession for Luminozo against Marcus

Shinya Kobayashi in possession for Luminozo against Marcus

Sun 06 Aug: Luminozo Sayama 3-1 MSDF Atsugi Marcus
Sun 06 Aug: Saitama SC 0-0 Toho Titanium
Sun 06 Aug: Toshiba Fuchu 1-0 Yaita SC
Sun 06 Aug: YSCC 2-1 Hanno Bruder

1 Luminozo Sayama 24 (+12)
2 Yaita SC 24 (+10)
3 YSCC 21 (+7)
4 Toshiba Fuchu 19 (+1)
5 Saitama SC 17 (+4)
6 Toho Titanium 17 (-10)
7 MSDF Atsugi Marcus 12 (-10)
8 Hanno Bruder 10 (-14)

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