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All-Japan Shakaijin 2006 - Kansai Qualification Tournament

Sun 30 Jul: Banditonce Kobe 7-0 Kindaigomonnkai
Sun 30 Jul: Volcano 2-6 FC Nishiomiya A
Sun 30 Jul: Kobe FC 1970 4-2 FC Osaka
Sun 30 Jul: Toray Industries Shiga TOP 0-7 Kumiyama FC
Sun 30 Jul: Sanyo Electric Sumoto 6-0 Nissha
Sun 30 Jul: Hokuku Engineering 3-2 Yanmar Amagasaki
Sun 30 Jul: FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu 6-0 Kainan FC
Sun 30 Jul: Kyoto Fushimi Friends 2-2 Central SC (PK 5-4)
Sun 30 Jul: Ain Food 3-0 Tonan Club
Sun 30 Jul: Estrela Tsuda SC 0-6 FC Kyoto BAMB 1993
Sun 30 Jul: AS Laranja Kyoto 4-1 Jouer FC
Sun 30 Jul: FC Nishiomiya B 1-2 Technonet Osaka

Sun 06 Aug: Banditonce Kobe 2-3 FC Nishiomiya A
Sun 06 Aug: Kobe FC 1970 5-1 Kumiyama FC
Sun 06 Aug: Sanyo Electric Sumoto 4-1 Hokuku Engineering
Sun 06 Aug: FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu 5-0 Kyoto Fushimi Friends
Sun 06 Aug: Ain Food 2-1 FC Kyoto BAMB 1993
Sun 06 Aug: AS Laranja Kyoto 3-0 Technonet Osaka

FC Nishiomiya A, Kobe FC 1970, Sanyo Electric Sumoto, FC Mi-o Biwako Kusatsu, Ain Food and AS Laranja Kyoto therefore qualify for the national finals in Akita in October.

Five of these teams come from Division 1 of the Kansai League, the most obvious exception being FC Nishiomiya A. Not only did they eliminate from the tournament this year's newly-crowned Kansai League champions Banditonce Kobe, but Nishiomiya themselves are not even participants at regional level. Instead, the club are mid-ranking members of Hyogo Prefectural League's Division 1 and their 3-2 triumph over Banditonce therefore constitutes an impressive piece of giantkilling.

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