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Tokai League Division 2
New leaders in the Tokai League Division 2, Kasugai Club took advantage of Honda Suzuka's shock home defeat by Mind House TC in order to move to the top on goal difference. Indeed, through beating third-placed Konica Minolta Toyokawa, Kasugai have established a six-point gap that should see the current top two achieve automatic promotion come the end of the season, which for most clubs is in four games' time. At the bottom of the division it was a terrible week for Morishin's FC, who dropped two places as a result of conceding a late Nagoya Club goal to lose 3-2, together with Fuyo Club's 4-0 pasting of FC Kawasaki - all of which means that the two teams who won promotion from the prefectural leagues at the end of 2005 currently occupy the automatic relegation positions.

23 Jul 06 - Nagoya Club in yellow overcome a somewhat directionless Morishin’s

Nagoya Club in yellow overcome a somewhat directionless Morishin’s

Sun 23 Jul: Fuyo Club 4-0 FC Kawasaki
Sun 23 Jul: Honda Suzuka 2-3 Mind House TC
Sun 23 Jul: Konica Minolta Toyokawa 0-1 Kasugai Club
Sun 23 Jul: Nagoya Club 3-2 Morishin's FC

1 Kasugai Club 22 (+10)
2 Honda Suzuka 22 (+8)
3 Konica Minolta Toyokawa 16 (+5)
4 Mind House TC 16 (+4)
5 Fuyo Club 14 (-2)
6 Nagoya Club 12 (-3)
7 Morishin's FC 11 (-)
8 FC Kawasaki 3 (-22)

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