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7th Eastern Japan Football Tournament

As mentioned here on JNFN at the end of June, the Eastern Japan Football Tournament took place in Fukui prefecture last weekend and was won by the representatives of the Tohoku region, TDK Akita. Although not run along quite the same lines as its Western equivalent, the competition has a comparably confusing format, not helped by the fact that it is a knock-out tournament with only six teams. However, the key point is that the teams that get eliminated in each round still play one further match against each other, in order ultimately to decide a one-to-six ranking that includes every contender. On their way to retaining the trophy from last year, TDK scraped past Tokai's Shizuoka FC on penalties in the First Round, eased past an Ishikawa Prefectural XI in the Second and then again needed penalties to overcome Norbritz Hokkaido in the Final. The full results and final ranking are as per below.

22 Jul 06 - TDK Akita pose with their winners’ booty

TDK Akita pose with their winners’ booty

First Round

Sat 15 Jul: Gunma Prefectural XI 1-4 Fukui Prefectural XI
Sat 15 Jul: Shizuoka FC 1-1 TDK Akita (PK 3-5)

First Round Runners-up Game

Sun 16 Jul: Shizuoka FC 10-0 Gunma Prefectural XI

Second Round

Sun 16 Jul: Norbritz Hokkaido 3-0 Fukui Prefectural XI
Sun 16 Jul: TDK Akita 2-0 Ishikawa Prefectural XI

Second Round Runners-up Game

Mon 17 Jul: Fukui Prefectural XI 5-3 Ishikawa Prefectural XI


Mon 17 Jul: Norbritz Hokkaido 2-2 TDK Akita (PK 1-3)

1 TDK Akita
2 Norbritz Hokkaido
3 Fukui Prefectural XI
4 Ishikawa Prefectural XI
5 Shizuoka FC

22 Jul 06 - Announcing the delights of the competition to the world

Announcing the delights of the competition to the world

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