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Kyushu League
Former Rosso Kumamoto defender Daisuke Ueno's goal four minutes into the second half gave New Wave Kitakyushu victory in their crucial clash with fellow promotion hopefuls Volca Kagoshima in the Kyushu League on Sunday. Aiming for a top two finish and with four matches remaining, New Wave still have Nippon Steel Oita in their sights in spite of the latter's 1-0 win at Kaiho Bank SC - and just as importantly, NW still have a game in hand with which to overhaul the two-point gap between the teams. V Varen Nagasaki look certainties to take the championship itself, following their 3-2 defeat of Okinawa Kariyushi. But there was important action, too, at the bottom of the division, where Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki dealt a hammer blow to Nanakuma Tombies' hopes of staying up with a 5-0 win, which enables Mitsubishi themselves to move above Osumi NIFS United and further towards safety.

16 Jul 06 - New Wave Kitakyushu celebrate their goal against Volca Kagoshima

New Wave Kitakyushu celebrate their goal against Volca Kagoshima

Sun 16 Jul: Kaiho Bank SC 0-1 Nippon Steel Oita
Sun 16 Jul: Nanakuma Tombies 0-5 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki
Sun 16 Jul: New Wave Kitakyushu 1-0 Volca Kagoshima
Sun 16 Jul: Okinawa Kariyushi 2-3 V Varen Nagasaki

1 V Varen Nagasaki 34 (+24)
2 Nippon Steel Oita 31 (+25)
3 New Wave Kitakyushu 29 (+17)
4 Volca Kagoshima 27 (+17)
5 Okinawa Kariyushi 21 (+4)
6 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 9 (-11)
7 Osumi NIFS United 8 (-17)
8 Nanakuma Tombies 5 (-37)
9 Kaiho Bank SC 4 (-22)

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