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Tohoku League Division 2 (South)
It's not often that a team scores four times away from home, wins the game and ends up dropping down a place, but that's exactly what happened to Furukawa Battery in the Tohoku League Division 2 (South) on Sunday. Their rivals for the title, Marisol Matsushima, beat Kureha Chemicals 8-1 to reclaim top spot on goal difference, although Furukawa still have a game in hand as the season enters its second half. Confirmed in third place are Northern Peaks Koriyama, 6-0 winners over Shichigahama SC.

09 Jul 06 - FC Perada Fukushima attack the Furukawa Battery goal

FC Perada Fukushima attack the Furukawa Battery goal

Sun 09 Jul: FC Perada Fukushima 2-4 Furukawa Battery
Sun 09 Jul: Kureha Chemicals 1-8 Marisol Matsushima
Sun 09 Jul: Shichigahama SC 0-6 Northern Peaks Koriyama

1 Marisol Matsushima 18 (+21)
2 Furukawa Battery 18 (+17)
3 Northern Peaks Koriyama 12 (+9)
4 Kanai Club 6 (+1)
5 FC Perada Fukushima 4 (-11)
6 Shichigahama SC 4 (-15)
7 Kureha Chemicals 0 (-22)

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