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Kansai League Division 2 - Round 12
Matters are now finalised at the top of the Kansai League Division 2, as FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 and Technonet Osaka have confirmed that they will finish in the top two positions and therefore gain promotion to Division 1 for 2007. Second place Technonet are fully ten points ahead of Hermano Osaka a place behind them following a 4-1 win over their crosstown rivals on Saturday, while FC Kyoto were beating Kohga School 2-1. The focus of attention therefore moves to the bottom of the table, where Kobe FC Senior C picked a good time to notch up a victory for the first time in 2006 - 4-1 against Kihoku Football Group, who now lie just three points ahead of Kobe with two games remaining. In mid-table, Riseisha FC have just one defeat in their last eight matches and managed a comfortable 2-0 win over Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe.

02 Jul 06 - Bouncing straight back to the Kansai League Division 1, FC Kyoto BAMB

Bouncing straight back to the Kansai League Division 1, FC Kyoto BAMB

Sat 01 Jul: Technonet Osaka 4-1 Hermano Osaka
Sat 01 Jul: Kohga School 1-2 FC Kyoto BAMB 1993
Sat 01 Jul: Riseisha FC 2-0 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe

Sun 02 Jul: Kihoku Football Group 1-4 Kobe FC Senior C

1 FC Kyoto BAMB 1993 30 (+29)
2 Technonet Osaka 29 (+12)
3 Hermano Osaka 19 (+6)
4 Riseisha FC 18 (+6)
5 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe 17 (-2)
6 Kohga School 9 (-8)
7 Kihoku Football Group 8 (-29)
8 Kobe FC Senior C 5 (-14)
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