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Only two matches in the Chugoku League on Sunday, but both may well prove to be of profound importance when the title and relegation issues come to be decided at the end of the year. At the top of the table, Fagiano Okayama now appear to have a hand on the championship trophy after coming from one down at half time to defeat rivals and challengers FC Central Chugoku - this leaves Fagiano fully eight points ahead of FC Central and Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku, who both have just the one game in hand. At the opposite end of the rankings, however, it was a disastrous wekend for Hiroshima Fujita SC, even though they were not actually in action. A two-goal win at Iwami SC for Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado sees Fujita drop into the bottom two on goal difference and although there are six games left in the schedule, it's worth bearing in mind even at this stage that Hitachi take on the struggling giants of the Chugoku League scene on the last day of the campaign in October.

02 Jul 06 - Fagiano Okayama on the attack against FC Central

Fagiano Okayama on the attack against FC Central

Sun 02 Jul: Fagiano Okayama 2-1 FC Central Chugoku
Sun 02 Jul: Iwami SC 1-3 Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado

1 Fagiano Okayama 24 (+24)
2 Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 16 (+15)
3 FC Central Chugoku 16 (+13)
4 Renofa Yamaguchi 14 (-5)
5 JFE Steel 12 (-2)
6 Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 7 (-12)
7 Hiroshima Fujita SC 7 (-14)
8 Iwami SC 3 (-19)

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