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Kanto League Division 1 - Round 10
Ten rounds into the Kanto League Division 1 season, surprise leaders Yaita SC have finally lost their unbeaten record. Title holders Luminozo Sayama inflicted what could be a crucial defeat, reducing Yaita's lead to five points with four matches to play. Behind Luminozo, the mid-table is as bunched as ever, Toshiba Fuchu moving third after an easy win over MSDF Atsugi Marcus, while Saitama SC beat YSCC. Atsugi's loss means that Toho Titanium jump out of the relegation places thanks to their 4-1 win at Hanno Bruder, who are beginning to look as if they will drop straight back down to Division 2.

25 Jun 06 - Yaita put Luminozo Sayama under pressure to no avail

Yaita put Luminozo Sayama under pressure to no avail

Sat 24 Jun: Hanno Bruder 1-4 Toho Titanium
Sat 24 Jun: Saitama SC 3-0 YSCC

Sun 25 Jun: Yaita SC 1-3 Luminozo Sayama
Sun 25 Jun: Toshiba Fuchu 2-0 MSDF Atsugi Marcus

1 Yaita SC 23 (+12)
2 Luminozo Sayama 18 (+10)
3 Toshiba Fuchu 16 (+3)
4 Saitama SC 15 (+6)
5 YSCC 15 (+5)
6 Toho Titanium 10 (-12)
7 MSDF Atsugi Marcus 8 (-10)
8 Hanno Bruder 6 (-14)

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