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Hokushinetsu League Division 2 - Round 10
There's finally some daylight between Valiente Toyama and the rest at the top of the Hokushinetsu League Division 2, after a narrow 2-1 win over struggling Nissei Resin gave them a four-point advantage in the battle for the one automatic promotion slot. But second place and the possibility to play off against one of the bottom sides in Division 1 could go to any number of sides - TOP Niigata are there at the moment after a 2-2 draw with FC Kanazu, while Maruoka Phoenix's challenge has hit a brick wall with two defeats in the last two matches. Even FC Antelope could steal it, despite their patchy season, but Toyama Shinjo Club and LionPower Komatsu will be looking to avoid the drop to the Prefectural leagues after a goalless draw left them both in trouble.

25 Jun 06 - Valiente Toyama prepare to tussle with Nissei Resin

Valiente Toyama prepare to tussle with Nissei Resin

Sun 25 Jun: FC Antelope 3-2 Maruoka Phoenix
Sun 25 Jun: Toyama Shinjo Club 0-0 LionPower Komatsu
Sun 25 Jun: Valiente Toyama 2-1 Nissei Resin
Sun 25 Jun: TOP Niigata 2-2 FC Kanazu

1 Valiente Toyama 20 (+9)
2 TOP Niigata 16 (+6)
3 Maruoka Phoenix 16 (+2)
4 FC Antelope 15 (-1)
5 FC Kanazu 13 (+4)
6 Toyama Shinjo Club 11 (-9)
7 LionPower Komatsu 10 (-7)
8 Nissei Resin 6 (-4)

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