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JFL - Round 16
Major events in the JFL over this weekend, as the season nears its midway point. Former leaders YKK AP have now won just once in their last six matches and made it two defeats in a row when they ended up on the wrong end of a 3-0 scoreline at Tochigi SC. This slump has paved the way for Honda FC to take over in top spot, as they coasted past JEF Club with two more goals from Kodai Suzuki taking his individual tally to thirteen for the year. Rosso Kumamoto moved into fourth having come from behind to win at Alo's Hokuriku on Saturday.

SC Tottori's lengthy unbeaten run finally came to and end at improving Sagawa Printing - but the form team in the division are the remarkable Sagawa Kyubin Osaka, now in second place on the back of a run that has seen them win nine of the last ten matches. The latest was a 4-2 defeat of Ryutsu Keizai University, who dropped to bottom of the table as a consequence of that loss and of Honda Lock's draw at Arte Takasaki, only the Kyushu-based side's third away point of the season. This has also increased the pressure on clubs like Mitsubishi Mizushima and FC Ryukyu, both totally out of form and both of whom suffered heavy losses on Sunday, at Sony Sendai and Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo respectively.

24 Jun 06 - Sagawa Printing's Daisuke Nakamori carries out his post-match interview

Sagawa Printing's Daisuke Nakamori carries out his post-match interview

Sat 24 Jun: Alo's Hokuriku 1-2 Rosso Kumamoto
Sat 24 Jun: Sagawa Printing 3-1 SC Tottori
Sat 24 Jun: Yokogawa Musashino 2-0 FC Kariya

Sun 25 Jun: Honda FC 4-1 JEF Club
Sun 25 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo 5-0 FC Ryukyu
Sun 25 Jun: Sony Sendai 4-0 Mitsubishi Mizushima
Sun 25 Jun: Arte Takasaki 0-0 Honda Lock
Sun 25 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin Osaka 4-2 Ryutsu Keizai University
Sun 25 Jun: Tochigi SC 3-0 YKK AP

1 Honda FC 37 (+16)
2 Sagawa Kyubin Osaka 35 (+17)
3 YKK AP 34 (+22)
4 Rosso Kumamoto 33 (+14)
5 Tochigi SC 33 (+13)
6 Yokogawa Musashino 30 (+8)
7 Alo's Hokuriku 28 (+14)
8 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo 27 (+21)
9 Sony Sendai 23 (+1)
10 SC Tottori 21 (+6)
11 Arte Takasaki 21 (-6)
12 JEF Club 15 (-8)
13 Sagawa Printing 15 (-13)
14 FC Kariya 14 (-16)
15 FC Ryukyu 10 (-12)
16 Mitsubishi Mizushima 9 (-27)
17 Honda Lock 9 (-28)
18 Ryutsu Keizai University 8 (-22)

25 Jun 06 - Honda FC head for the top of the JFL before their match with JEF Club

Honda FC head for the top of the JFL before their match with JEF Club
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