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JFL - Round 15 (Sunday)
Tochigi SC failed to make up ground on the JFL's leading pair on Sunday, when they let slip a 1-0 lead to lose 2-1 at an Alo's Hokuriku side who were in turn picking up their first victory in seven outings. With Rosso Kumamoto only drawing at home to form team SC Tottori, this left Sagawa Kyubin Osaka to nip in to third spot thanks to Mikito Nishihara's solitary goal midway through the first half of their match at FC Kariya.

Yokogawa Musashino remain just about on the edge of the title race following their 3-2 win at Honda Lock, who have now lost four in a row but almost stole a point against Yokogawa by scoring twice in injury time. Just one point above Lock and Ryutsu Keizai University in the relegation battle are Mitsubishi Mizushima, 1-0 losers at home to Arte Takasaki, who have steadied their season with three wins in the last five matches. FC Ryukyu, however, are struggling and lost 2-1 at home to Sony Sendai for the visitors' first win in six. In the final match of the round, JEF Club went one up early on but eventually lost 3-1 at home to Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo, for whom leading scorer Tetsuya Okubo was on target for the first time in nearly two months to notch his tenth of the season.

18 Jun 06 - FC Kariya fans feast their eyes on the match with Sagawa Kyubin Osaka

FC Kariya fans feast their eyes on the match with Sagawa Kyubin Osaka

Sun 18 Jun: Alo's Hokuriku 2-1 Tochigi SC
Sun 18 Jun: FC Kariya 0-1 Sagawa Kybin Osaka
Sun 18 Jun: FC Ryukyu 1-2 Sony Sendai
Sun 18 Jun: Honda Lock 2-3 Yokogawa Musashino
Sun 18 Jun: JEF Club 1-3 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo
Sun 18 Jun: Mitsubishi Mizushima 0-1 Arte Takasaki
Sun 18 Jun: Rosso Kumamoto 1-1 SC Tottori

1 YKK AP 34 (+25)
2 Honda FC 34 (+13)
3 Sagawa Kyubin Osaka 32 (+15)
4 Rosso Kumamoto 30 (+13)
5 Tochigi SC 30 (+10)
6 Alo's Hokuriku 28 (+15)
7 Yokogawa Musashino 27 (+6)
8 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo 24 (+16)
9 SC Tottori 21 (+8)
10 Sony Sendai 20 (-3)
11 Arte Takasaki 20 (-6)
12 JEF Club 15 (-5)
13 FC Kariya 14 (-14)
14 Sagawa Printing 12 (-15)
15 FC Ryukyu 10 (-7)
16 Mitsubishi Mizushima 9 (-23)
17 Ryutsu Keizai University 8 (-20)
18 Honda Lock 8 (-28)

18 Jun 06 - Kotaro Takamatsu goals for goal for Mitsubishi Mizushima against Arte Takasaki

Kotaro Takamatsu goes for goal for Mitsubishi Mizushima against Arte Takasaki

JFL Round 15, etc
Thanks for that, Darren. I'll be surprised if Sagawa Kyubin Osaka remain where they are and YKK AP have also been less convincing lately. But it’s true to say that the pressure is on for Tochigi and Kumamoto to take advantage of the opportunity for J2 expansion. Tottori are exactly the sort of club that the J-League are keen to see succeed, and their level of support is improving as well - something that will be of particular interest to the J-League, considering how small some of the J2 crowds have been lately. It's a good idea to look outside the JFL for other possible J2 sides of the next few years, for Gifu in the Tokai League and V Varen in Kyushu have both attracted gates higher than 7000 this year.
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