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Kyushu League - Round 10
The Kyushu League is this weekend enjoying one of its occasional get togethers in one city in the region, with Oita hosting a round of fixtures on both Saturday and Sunday. Leaders V Varen Nagasaki weren't in action on Saturday, which gave the opportunity for New Wave Kitakyushu to steal a march on their rivals and move to the top of the division courtesy of a 4-2 win over Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki. But Nippon Steel Oita are not yet out of the title race, a fact which they underlined by beating relegation favourites Nanakuma Tombies 7-1 to close the gap on New Wave to just two points. In the other match, Osumi NIFS United lost for the fourth consecutive time, this time to Volca Kagoshima.

17 Jun 06 - Mitsubishi Nagasaki concede against New Wave Kitakyushu

Mitsubishi Nagasaki concede against New Wave Kitakyushu

Sat 17 Jun: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 2-4 New Wave Kitakyushu
Sat 17 Jun: Nanakuma Tombies 1-7 Nippon Steel Oita
Sat 17 Jun: Osumi NIFS United 0-3 Volca Kagoshima

1 New Wave Kitakyushu 23 (+15)
2 V Varen Nagasaki 22 (+16)
3 Nippon Steel Oita 21 (+19)
4 Volca Kagoshima 18 (+10)
5 Okinawa Kariyushi 18 (+9)
6 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 6 (-9)
7 Osumi NIFS United 6 (-15)
8 Kaiho Bank SC 4 (-13)
9 Nanakuma Tombies 2 (-32)

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