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Tohoku League Division 1 - Rounds 5 & 6
Leading pair TDK Akita and Grulla Morioka continue to dominate in Division 1 of the Tohoku League, following on from the memorable climax to the 2005 season when the two shared the title having an absolutely identical league record. But it's TDK with the markedly superior goal difference this time, which they increased thanks to a 7-0 thrashing of FC Primeiro in round 6 on Sunday, while Grulla could only put three past Wiese Shiogama. Primeiro are nevertheless the two frontrunners' nearest challengers, having picked up a 1-0 win at NEC Tokin the previous weekend. At the bottom of the table, newly-promoted Sendai Nakata Club still have yet to pick up a point after defeats by NEC and an improving Morioka Zebra .

04 Jun 06 - Calm yourselves. It's the warm-up before NEC Tokin clash with Sendai Nakata Club

Calm yourselves. It's the warm-up before NEC Tokin clash with Sendai Nakata Club

Sun 28 May: Grulla Morioka 1-0 Nippon Steel Kamaishi
Sun 28 May: Morioka Zebra 5-3 Sendai Nakata Club
Sun 28 May: NEC Tokin 0-1 FC Primeiro
Sun 28 May: TDK Akita 1-0 Wiese Shiogama

Sun 04 Jun: Nippon Steel Kamaishi 3-3 Morioka Zebra
Sun 04 Jun: TDK Akita 7-0 FC Primeiro
Sun 04 Jun: Wiese Shiogama 0-3 Grulla Morioka
Sun 04 Jun: Sendai Nakata Club 0-2 NEC Tokin

1 TDK Akita 15 (+22)
2 Grulla Morioka 15 (+10)
3 FC Primeiro 10 (-6)
4 NEC Tokin 7 (+1)
5 Wiese Shiogama 5 (+1)
6 Morioka Zebra 4 (-7)
7 Nippon Steel Kamaishi 1 (-14)
8 Sendai Nakata Club 0 (-7)
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