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Chugoku League
It is hard now to imagine that at the start of the season, Hiroshima Fujita SC were held up as one of the possible winners of the Chugoku League. For the fall among the also-rans is now complete, following a 7-0 humiliation at leaders Fagiano Okayama, which sees one of the best-established clubs in the region move below Renofa Yamaguchi and even JFE Steel, who drew in one of the other Chugoku League fixtures on Sunday. Ex-Alouette Kumamoto striker Tsuyoshi Yoshigai was on target four times for a rampant Fagiano. There were no shocks to be had elsewhere, as the championship battle is now a three-horse race between Fagiano and Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku - 7-0 winners, too, against Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado - and FC Central Chugoku, who were being held 2-2 at half-time by Iwami SC but brushed aside their Shimane prefecture rivals in the second half to emerge with a 6-2 victory. Fagiano's current lead in the standings would appear at first glance clear-cut, but Sagawa have one game in hand and FC Central two.

04 Jun 06 - 3061 fans see Fagiano Okayama thrash Hiroshima Fujita SC

3061 fans see Fagiano Okayama thrash Hiroshima Fujita SC

Sun 04 Jun: Fagiano Okayama 7-0 Hiroshima Fujita SC
Sun 04 Jun: Iwami SC 2-6 FC Central Chugoku
Sun 04 Jun: JFE Steel 2-2 Renofa Yamaguchi (PK 7-8)
Sun 04 Jun: Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 7-0 Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado

1 Fagiano Okayama 15 (+21)
2 Sagawa Kyubin Chugoku 13 (+13)
3 FC Central Chugoku 10 (+10)
4 Renofa Yamaguchi 8 (-8)
5 JFE Steel 6 (-3)
6 Hiroshima Fujita SC 6 (-6)
7 Iwami SC 3 (-14)
8 Hitachi Manufacturing Kasado 2 (-13)
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