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Kyushu League - Round 8
The Kyushu League has a double-header of fixtures in Kitakyushu this weekend and Saturday's four matches saw results that may turn out to have a major impact at the top and bottom of the league come the end of the season. After having dropped their first points of the year in a draw at New Wave Kitakyushu last week, V Varen Nagasaki returned to winning ways - and to first place - with a victory over a Volca Kagoshima side now in freefall after having won their first four games. With second placed Nippon Steel Oita having Saturday off, New Wave continued their current good form to tighten things up at the top by moving into third after a 7-2 whumping of Nanakuma Tombies.

And it's Nanakuma who slump to the bottom of the division as a result, because elsewhere previous wooden-spooners Kaiho Bank SC managed their first win of the season in remarkable style, 5-1 against Osumi NIFS United. This leaves Nanakuma and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki in the drop zone, the latter having lost to an Okinawa Kariyushi side who are successfully putting the horrors of the past couple of seasons behind them and seemingly reasserting themselves as a force in Regional football.

04 Jun 06 - Nanakuma Tombies in blue up against it v New Wave Kitakyushu

Nanakuma Tombies in blue up against it v New Wave Kitakyushu

Sun 03 Jun: Nanakuma Tombies 2-7 New Wave Kitakyushu
Sun 03 Jun: Osumi NIFS United 1-5 Kaiho Bank SC
Sun 03 Jun: Volca Kagoshima 2-3 V Varen Nagasaki
Sun 03 Jun: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 1-3 Okinawa Kariyushi

1 V Varen Nagasaki 19 (+15)
2 Nippon Steel Oita 18 (+14)
3 New Wave Kitakyushu 17 (+12)
4 Okinawa Kariyushi 15 (+8)
5 Volca Kagoshima 12 (+5)
6 Osumi NIFS United 6 (-11)
7 Kaiho Bank SC 4 (-11)
8 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki 3 (-8)
9 Nanakuma Tombies 2 (-24)

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