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Aiming High In Hokushinetsu
Following hot on the heels of the rapidly-becoming-legendary Kamatamare Sanuki over on the island of Shikoku, Hokushinetsu League Division Two outfit Valiente Toyama have also thrown their hat into the ring and announced their intention to go for J-League entry. Indeed, the planned schedule for the club's development over the next few years leaves little in the way of room for error, as it involves winning the Regional League next season, then the JFL the year after that and competing in J2 as soon as 2008 - quite a target given that their injury time defeat to fellow Toyama-based side Shinjo Club in the last match of the season just finished means that they have missed out on promotion even to the Hokushinetsu League Division One. But the proposed expansion of the J-League over the next few seasons is clearly something in which Valiente aim to be involved - and if the idea of at least one pro team in each prefecture does come to fruition, however far they may lag behind JFL hotshots Alo's Hokuriku, they clearly hope to be in the driving seat as far as a bid from Toyama is concerned.

07 Nov 05 - Valiente Toyama on the attack against Shinjo Club

Valiente Toyama on the attack against Shinjo Club

In parallel with this drive is the establishment in Ishikawa of Ishikawa FC, an organisation that seeks simply to bring pro football to their home prefecture and is therefore currently mainly involved in the drumming up of sponsorship and local government support for the project. What is unclear as things stand on the footballing side is whether the vehicle for achieving the goal of J1 membership by 2015 is likely to be any of the currently-existing Ishikawa-based clubs - such as Hokushinetsu Leaguers Kanazawa SC, Teihens FC or Ferverosa FC - or whether a brand new team will be formed in the coming seasons.

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