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JFL Scores - Sunday Round 11
21 May 06 - YKK AP and friend(s) before their game with Yokogawa Musashino

YKK AP and friend(s) before their draw with Yokogawa Musashino

JFL leaders YKK AP came perilously close to a shock defeat in Sunday's clash with Yokogawa Musashino, but Hiroki Kishida's ten goal of the season three minutes from time gave the Toyama side an equaliser and kept intact their unbeaten start to 2006. Their nearest challengers now are Rosso Kumamoto, four points behind but with six wins in the last seven and a 100% record in their home fixtures. The former Kyushu Leaguers coasted to a 3-1 win over FC Kariya, with Yutaka Takahashi on target for the seventh time in eight games. Honda FC meanwhile slumped to a shock 3-0 defeat at home to the previously out-of-form Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo to drop back to third and Tochigi SC maintained their challenge thanks to a last-minute Yoshihide Nishikawa winner against Sony Sendai.

Towards the foot of the table, FC Ryukyu are improving fast and their 2-0 win over rock-bottom Sagawa Printing now means that the Okinawans have lost just once in six. Honda Lock gained a vital 3-1 win to leapfrog Ryutsu Keizai University and so move out of the bottom two; and SC Tottori continue to be the league's draw specialists, their failure to hold on to a lead at Mitsubishi Mizushima meaning that they have now tied a remarkable eight out of eleven games.

21 May 06 - Goalmouth action from the Mitsubishi Mizushima - SC Tottori game

Goalmouth action from the Mitsubishi Mizushima - SC Tottori game

Sunday 21st May: FC Ryukyu 2-0 Sagawa Printing
Sunday 21st May: Honda FC 0-3 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo
Sunday 21st May: Honda Lock 3-1 Ryutsu Keizai University
Sunday 21st May: Mitsubishi Mizushima 2-2 SC Tottori
Sunday 21st May: Rosso Kumamoto 3-1 FC Kariya
Sunday 21st May: Tochigi SC 3-2 Sony Sendai
Sunday 21st May: YKK AP 1-1 Yokogawa Musashino

1 YKK AP 29 (+24)
2 Rosso Kumamoto 25 (+12)
3 Honda FC 25 (+11)
4 Tochigi SC 24 (+11)
5 Alo's Hokuriku 23 (+15)
6 Sagawa Kyubin Osaka 20 (+6)
7 Sagawa Kyubin Tokyo 19 (+15)
8 Yokogawa Musashino 17 (+3)
9 Sony Sendai 15 (-2)
10 Arte Takasaki 14 (-6)
11 SC Tottori 11 (-4)
12 FC Kariya 10 (-13)
13 FC Ryukyu 9 (-3)
14 JEF Club 9 (-5)
15 Mitsubishi Mizushima 8 (-15)
16 Honda Lock 8 (-18)
17 Ryutsu Keizai University 6 (-16)
18 Sagawa Printing 5 (-15)

21 May 06 - A distinctly wonky view of FC Ryukyu's win over Sagawa Printing

A distinctly wonky view of FC Ryukyu's win over Sagawa Printing

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